Conference Speakers

The following speakers are confirmed and more will be added soon.

Tuesday July 31, 2018

Keynote Speakers

Business models and wine tourism

Professor Steve-John Charters MW
Burgundy school of Business Dijon, France, The school of Wine and Spirits Business

Climate change and viticulture

Professor Gregory V. Jones
Director of the center for Wine Education Linfield Collage Oregon USA


Climate and Climate change

Juha Karvonen, PHD student University of Helsinki, Finland

Business models and Wine tourism

Dr. Fiona Kerslake, Acting Horticulture Center leader
Viticulture and Fermentation Research Fellow
Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture
University of Tasmania

Cultivar and Rootstocks

Valentin Blattner, Grape breeder, Switzerland
Mark Harter, Grape breeder, USA
Hans Rosenfeld, Grape breeder, Norway

Cultivation management

Dr. Rickard Smarts, “the flying vine-doctor” SMART VITICULTURE, UK
Felix Åhrberg, Wine maker Kullahalvöns wineyard, Sweden
Volker Jörger, Dr at Wine Institute of Freiburg, Germany

Pest Management, Weed control, Application Technology

Dr. Wayne Wilcox, PhD Cornell university, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station NY, USA
Paul Becher, Associate professor in Chemical Ecology , Swedish university of agriculture, Sweden

Wine and Food

Mischa Billing , Lecturer /researcher Örebro University/Grythyttan , Sweden
Paulina Rytkönen, Adjoin professor, Södertörn University, Sweden

New products/Industrial development

Wendy Outwaite , Owner Redfold Vineyards ,UK
Fredrik Nilsson, Professor in Packaging logistics, Lund University, Sweden

Thursday August 2, 2018

Keynote Speakers

Cool Climate wine styles

Professor of Viticulture Andrew G. Reynolds
Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute, Brock University, Canada


Analytical methods

Tommy Nylander Professor in Analytical Chemistry, Lund university, Sweden
Torben Selberg FOSS, Denmark
Sören Balding Copenhagen University, Denmark
Sveneric Svensson, Chairman The Swedish wine association, Sweden

Fermentation strategies for Cold Climate wines

Sibylle Vepar Lallemand, Denmark

Fermentation strategies, yeast types, bacteria

Nils Arneborg, Copenhagen University, Denmark

Sensory aspects

Karin Wendin, Kristianstad University, Sweden
Mihaela Mihnea RISE, Sweden
Mayam Ehsani Lafourt, France
Anders Hedenberg , Örebro Univiersity /Grythyttan Sweden

Wine style Cold Climate

Dominique Leboeuf, Oenologue Sofralab France

Wine styles in Nordic Countries

Mikael Mölstad, journalist  Sweden
Torben Toldam-Andersen, Copenhagen University , Denmark